Williams Creek in College Station

Williams Creek is a southeastern College Station community located near the intersection of William D. Fitch Parkway and Rock Prairie Road. It is bordered by Lick Creek Park, one of the largest lakes in the College Station area. It’s also close to the the renowned Pebble Creek Golf Course.

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About Williams Creek in College Station

Willams Creek is located in southeast College Station just inside of city limits. Due to its location, residents in the area get to enjoy both the amenities of College Station city life as well as a serene natural setting offered by nearby Lick Creek Park and Pebble Creek Golf Course.

Lick Creek Park is a city park located in southeast College Station. The park is home to the Lick Creek Nature Center, a community amenity that allows city residents to hold events and learn about the natural flora and fauna found in Lick Creek’s 520 acre spread.

Pebble Creek is another major attraction for Williams Creek residents. The golf course is home to the Pebble Creek Country Club and sports 18 holes of championship golfing designed by Ken Dye, offering challenge for players of all types. The Country Club offers both golfers and families in the area plenty of amenities, such as fitness facilities, tennis courts, a bar and cantina, and more.