What Makes a Good HOA?

Living in a community with a homeowners association (HOA) can come with certain benefits, such as well-maintained properties and higher property values overall.

However, this only happens if you’re in an area run by a healthy HOA. Knowing what makes a good HOA is an important part of making sure you’re part of a well-run community and it can ultimately impact where you decide to buy a home in College Station.

Keep the following in mind if you’re planning on searching for a new home.

Trademarks of a Good HOA

A good HOA starts at the top with competent leadership. Those who are in charge of an HOA should be dedicated to listening to residents’ concerns and ideas while also enforcing rules and regulations.

Solid leadership is an essential part of a healthy HOA, but there are other qualities to watch for as well. Some of these include:

  • Well-managed budgeting: An HOA should have reserve funds and a budget that is carefully created and balanced. Unexpected expenses can come up from time to time, making it crucial for an HOA to have enough funding at all times.
  • Organized, regular meetings: A good HOA should hold regular meetings that are well-organized. These meetings should have an agenda that’s made available to residents ahead of time, so that they’ll know what will be covered. HOA meetings help keep residents aware of updates to regulations and rules while also providing them with opportunities to speak up about concerns.
  • Transparency: Competent HOAs don’t hide information about issues that affect residents, such as financial matters or potential changes to rules and regulations. These HOAs understand how important it is to be transparent and upfront with residents in order to maintain trust.

Benefits of Having a Good HOA

It might take some work to make sure you find a good HOA, but the effort is well worth it. Being in a community with a healthy HOA provides several benefits for homeowners.

A few of these include:

  • Stable or improved property values: An HOA helps ensure that all residents in the community keep their home exterior and yard in good condition. This can go a long way toward making sure property values don’t decline over the years. Instead, residents can look forward to having steady or higher property values.
  • Assistance with resolving disputes: Being in a community with an HOA means having help in settling disputes with neighbors, such as noise complaints. Residents in these communities can count on getting assistance from their HOA in order to resolve disputes fairly.
  • Community events and engagement: HOAs that are well-managed often organize social events and activities throughout the year, which encourages community engagement. This can create a strong sense of community between neighbors in these areas.

Warning Signs of a Bad HOA

Being able to tell if a community has a poorly run HOA is just as important as knowing which ones have a good HOA. A few of the warning signs that you’re dealing with a bad HOA include:

  • Poor maintenance or lack of maintenance: Common areas in HOA-run communities should be kept in good condition. Pools, landscaping, clubhouses, and other areas should not appear poorly maintained.
  • Low reserves: Healthy HOAs should have enough funding to cover unexpected expenses and projects that help improve the community. Avoid HOAs that have budgeting problems, since this could lead to much higher HOA fees in the near future.
  • Unenforced rules: HOAs should be dependable when it comes to enforcing rules and regulations. Stay away from HOAs that have a reputation for being unfair or unreliable with rule enforcement.

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