Castlegate is a fabulous South College Station neighborhood enjoyed by its residents. Some of the features include tennis courts, basketball area, playground, and walking/biking trails throughout the neighborhood. Come to Castlegate to see its fine amenities and beautifully landscaped homes.

Forest Ridge Elementary sits outside the community but is in walking and biking distance.

For more information visit the Castlegate HOA website.

About Castlegate I

Castlegate I is one of the most established master-planned communities in College Station. Developed by J. Wendt & Associates, Castlegate I occupies more than 200 acres with 13 separate phases.

The subdivision is aptly named as you’ll find a strong old English theme throughout the construction and details inside the properties and architecturally. Subdisions in Castlegate I include:

  • The Windsor – 1,500 square feet and up
  • The Kensington – 2,00 square feet and up
  • The Pembrooke – 2,400 square feet and up
  • The Gardens – 2,000 square feet and up – these homes are in a private gated section of Castlegate and offer a private pond and lawn care. Additional HOA fees apply to this model home.

Castlegate I Community Information

If you’re interested in living in Castlegate I, you should take some time to get to know the community bylaws set forward by the HOA. You can find all the details you want at their website.

We’ve included answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below.

Does Castlegate I have a trash container policy?

Yes, trash containers must be stored where it is not visible from any street, common area, or lot.

What is the policy on standing debris and rubbish on a property?

Castlegate I is strict with the amount of debris or rubbish a resident can have out at any time. From the CCR:

“No rubbish or debris of any kind shall be allowed or permitted to accumulate upon the Property and no odors shall be permitted to arise there from so as to render the Property or any portion thereof unsanitary, unsightly, offensive or detrimental to any other property or its occupants. Refuse, garbage and trash shall be kept at all times in covered containers and such containers shall be kept within enclosed structures or appropriately screened from view so that it is not visible from any street, Common Area or Lot. Trash containers must be promptly returned to their enclosed structures or screening following trash pickup and in no event shall a trash container remain visible from any street, Common Area or other Lot overnight. If rubbish or debris accumulates upon any Lot in violation of this provision in the judgment of the Association, the Association may remove the rubbish or debris, and charge a special assessment to the Owner of the Lot for the costs of removal.”

Can I have a shed or similar structure in my backyard?

Certain models of sheds have been approved by the architectural committee. To make the process easier, the Castlegate ACC has pre-approved the following products, available from Home Depot and Sam’s Club:

  • Home Depot: Rubbermaid Big Max
  • Lowes: Craftsman Shed

The Castlegate ACC has pre-approved the placement of only the above sheds, provided that they meet the setbacks for the primary structure. The shed must be at the back of the house, between the sides of the house, such that it is not visible from the street when looking down the side of the house. In addition to the placement requirements, the ACC requests that the homeowner plants large plants such as elephant grass or trees that will screen the structure. ONLY the sheds listed above as pre-approved can be placed without ACC approval. NO substitutions, different model numbers, color changes, other sizes, or any other variants are allowed without ACC approval.

These diagrams indicate where pre-approved sheds may be placed, without requiring additional ACC approval:

All other sheds and outbuildings must be approved by the Architectural Committee (ACC) prior to installation according to deed restrictions. Additionally, any structures with floor space greater than 120 square feet require a permit from the City of College Station, in addition to requiring architectural committee approval.

What is Castlegate I’s policy on fencing?

New and existing fences fall under guidelines for height, style, and location. Effective February 2016, the ACC approved fence stain is Sherwin Williams Super Deck semi-solid and the color ‘Hawthorne’. The nearest Sherwin Williams is located at 3108 Texas Ave S. College Station, Tx 77845.

An 8 ft wood privacy fence at the backyard will only be approved by ACC Committees’ review of the said property and will include the fence tapering to the front height of 6 ft with the following conditions:

  1. Written request by the homeowner or the fence installer
  2. The homeowner/builder must get in writing permission from all neighbors that share the fence
  3. There must be at least a 30” grade difference between the properties to justify the need for an 8 ft fence
  4. NO 8 ft. fences are allowed adjacent to common areas and/or streets

What about a Gameday or Vacation Rental?

The primary purpose for these restrictions is to maintain neighborhood integrity and ensure public safety, which are high priorities for many of our residents. Short-term rentals are limited to hotels and motels located in commercial zones. Renting out homes or single rooms – game day housing — is not permitted, unless the property owner remains on-site and operates as a registered bed and breakfast.

Bed and breakfasts (Code of Ordinances 12.6.5.C.2) are permitted in residential zones, but only under these circumstances:

  • It must be part of the owner’s permanent residence.
  • It must maintain a residential appearance.
  • It must be the permanent residence of the proprietor.
  • No more than four unrelated people can stay there overnight.