Get to Know the Bryan College Station Board of Realtors

Every major metro area has an organizing body that manages realtors and access to that area’s Multiple Listings Service (MLS) data. In the Bryan College Station area, that organization is called the Bryan/College Station Regional Association of Realtors (BCSRAR), or the BCS Board of Realtors for short.

They are the organization behind the vast majority of real estate transactions in Bryan or College Station. Here are some quick facts:

  • BCSRAR was founded in 1967
  • Made up of realtors from Brazos, Burleson, Grimes, Leon, Madison & Robertson Counties
  • At last count, there were 1150 realtors in the BCSRAR
  • Sole owner and manager of the Bryan College Station MLS
  • Manages more than 3000 MLS listings in Bryan College Station

The Bryan College Station realtor association is managed by a group of realtors from different brokerages and backgrounds. There are three distinct active roles that realtors can have at BCSRAR: leadership, MLS managers, and advocates. All three serve the purpose of upholding the quality of listings, access to the MLS, and making sure that the needs of realtors have a voice within the community.

Along with training events, education classes, luncheon presentations, and monthly area real estate statistics.

As a consumer, what should I know about the Bryan College Station Board of Realtors?

While the BCSRAR serves a very clear purpose for realtors, it also exists to protect consumers.

The Bryan College Station realtor association requires all member realtors to adhere to a set of ethical standards to ensure that all realtors are treating their clients fairly and equitably. As a real estate agent in the Bryan College Station area, you can’t access the Bryan College Station MLS without going through the BCSRAR, so it provides a great barrier of entry for real estate professionals looking to offer low quality services.

If you want to stay up to date on what’s going on with the BCSRAR you can follow their Facebook page.

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